About Us

Dental Decontamination Ltd

Leading Suppliers to the NHS Framework

Dental Decontamination offers a full specialist turnkey solution to meet HTM01-05 standards with a wealth of experience from competent engineers in repairs, validations, servicing and training to all professionals within a multitude of environments. Put simply, Dental Decontamination are committed to empowering professionals around the UK to provide a better service whilst ensuring you, your staff and your patients are safe.


What's On Offer


Our knowledge of decontamination can help demystify a sometimes confusing process. Our free of charge pre-sales advice can help you and the right products which suit your specific requirements.



Our product base is the result of our extensive experience in the decontamination industry, thanks to long term relationships with our customers. Our product selection caters for everything required for decontamination from Autoclaves and Washer Disinfectors to consumables.



Our team of professionals can provide hand on decontamination training at low costs. We believe a physical process requires physical training.



Once your decontamination solution is set up; whether it be in a dental practice or tattoo parlour, it doesn’t end there. Dental Decontamination offers a broad range of professional services including testing and repair.