Hymetec Hyspray 1Litre 7% Solution

Hymetec Hyspray 1Litre 7% Solution

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HYPro Technical is 7% H202  solution designed for use in the HYSpray that comes  odourless or as an apple fragrance.


HyPro Technical is a ready-to-use broad-spectrum disinfecting solution. It eliminates up to 99.999% of the total flora.

Microbiological activities: bactericidal (Standard EN 13727 + A2), yeasticidal (Standard EN 13624), sporicidal (Standard EN 13704) and

virucidal (Standard EN14476).

HyPro Technical is a non-toxic, eco-friendly product. It leaves no residues and is non-corrosive.

Active agent:
7% stabilized hydrogen peroxide (70 ml/l) CAS 7722-84-1.

In use only 6.6ml is used per cubic meter treated, so is very economical in practical use.